Line painting for commercial areas is an important step in keeping your street or driveway safe and orderly. In addition to increased awareness, line painting offers a professional and clean aesthetic that helps tie a community or business together.

High Country Asphalt Services offers some of the highest quality line painting in the west. With excellent and affordable pricing and the ability to service both commercial areas, we are a premier pick for your asphalt based needs.

Seal Coating breaths new life into your driveway or parking lot. It’s an affordable way to extend the life of your asphalt as well as increase the aesthetic appeal of your home or business front.

High Country Asphalt Services utilizes the highest quality materials and equipment to create flawless Seal Coating that you’ll be hard pressed to notice any difference from completely new asphalt!

Cracks in asphalt or pavement are a large part of corrosion and disrepair. Mending them early on tends to fix problems before they arise at a fraction of the cost of seal coating or laying down new asphalt.

We use the tools of the trade and our professional experience to bring affordable and high quality crack filling into the business markets. If you have a business, parking lot or driveway that’s starting to look aged and a bit worse for wear, give us a call and schedule affordable crack filling today!